NZ Herald Not Even Trying Any More

Australian “psychic” Sue Bishop recently made the claim that “All children are psychic and they’re tuned in to their abilities now more than ever”, according to New Zealand Herald reporter Nicky Park, who also happened to somehow conclude that this is newsworthy.

Apparently it is not only worth reporting, but true as well. Instead of reporting the facts – an Australian woman who is either a successful con artist or in dire need of psychological help has said something horribly incorrect – this reporter decided to report what she said as fact. The Herald article is incessantly credulous, even going so far as to feature a section entitled “How to nurture a child’s psychic ability”. Have a read of it, if nothing else it’s easy to laugh at.

It seems to me that the Herald simply isn’t trying any more (on that note, were they ever? Perhaps before my time…). If this sort of gullible crap meets its standards, then its standards must be worthless. As I’ve said before and I’m sure I’ll say again, the New Zealand Herald isn’t a newspaper, it’s an entertainment magazine.


It seems that Nicky Park is not, in fact, just some newbie reporter who happened to get it horribly wrong and who will be appropriately dealt with. No, in fact she appears to be the editor of the New Zealand Herald’s entire Life & Style section. Just when I thought it wasn’t going to get any worse…

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